Routine is Very Important - COVID-19 Shutdowns |

Routine is Very Important – COVID-19 Shutdowns

Why is Routine Important During The Covid-19 Shutdowns?

Woke up this morning in Aventura, where SteinLaw’s principal office location is based out of. Just about all retail is shut down. The only companies that are still allowed to remain open are obviously medical, banks, restaurants for takeout only, grocery stores, professional offices. Now my staff for just about a week now has been working remotely and we have only about 5 percent of our staff working at the office and we are obviously practicing social distancing. But when it comes down to it. With those of you who are working remotely who are isolated at home, where your daily routines are messed up and completely put out of whack, such as mine I can’t stress enough how routine is very very important. Remember this is not a vacation.

Important Things to Remember

It’s very important for you to get up the normal time when you would wake up like a typical day, get dressed. Shower coffee do whatever you have to do. If you are were someone who went to the gym in the morning or in the afternoon or whatnot and the gyms are now closed as well, there’s plenty of mobile apps out there that can enable you no matter how big or small your house or apartment is to do home workouts, home exercises. And it will certainly enhance and help sustain your mental health as well as physical well-being.

Very very very difficult times indeed. However, this will pass. We will get through this. And without question, health, fitness physically and mentally is so so important when it comes to either personal injury, such as what SteinLaw does or just life in general to prevent injury and illness. Stick with your routine. Eat healthy. Eat how you normally do. As best as you can. And Work. Work your mind don’t sleep more than you normally do. Sleep the same amount. And we’ll get through this. Just stay strong, be safe and stick with your routine as best as you can.

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